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What Can I do in Quarantine?

Don't worry we have the solution! Here are 5 things that you can do in quarantine. J&C General Remodeling is in remodeling, today we bring you five things that you can do in quarantine, in this times we need to distract us.However, we are preparing everything for future remodeling your home, don't worry we will come back soon. Contact us if you want us to do your next remodel.


In this time you can take advantage of your morning, you can do aerobics! You just need a bit of music, and start doing exercise, remember that the exercise is necessary for your body, it helps you to improves cardiovascular function and your mood. Come on! Turn on your cellphone, computer, Tv or Radio, is important remember to be cheerful, one smile can fight the fear.

Pillow fight

Pillow fight is a creative game to share with your family or friends, you only need your pillows! Usually is played in bed, but in this case, you can play in the place that you want, the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, the garden or the garage. In the game your best weapon is your pillow, and your armor is your pajama. To action! Take out your pillows and let battle commence.

Learn Magic Tricks

During this quarantine you can learn magic tricks, in Internet there are many simple tricks that you can learn, those tricks improve your learning, stimulate your mind and enhance your creativity.It doesn't matter if you are a child, teen or adult, the important thing is to learn. I recommended you not to do dangerous tricks, with dangerous actions or elements, like swallow objects or use knives, this is just a way to entertain yourself so be careful. So, do it little Gandalf !

Play with others

The app Pinturillo is a funny game, this consist in draw the word that you chose, then the others have to guess the word, this game is very interesting because it's easy, you can download or play online and you can play with at least 10 people. Did you want a app for play more than two people? It's here! What are you waiting for?.

Paint your Face mask

In these times is necessary to use face mask, perfect! This is your new oil painting, you can paint your face mask wathever you want, with your favorite character, with a drawing that you like, your company icon, an smile, and many other options. You can paint this with any material, crayons, markers or painting, this isn't according to something, you only let your creativity explode. Start painting ! Create a face mask that's unique and represents you.